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Welcome to the Job Seeker Blog and News at Staffing Online®

The Blog is a place where you’ll gain insight and news related to your job search. At Staffing Online, we strive to coach job seekers and provide valuable information that will aid you in your next career move.

It is also a place through our features like The Fortune Cookie and Wacky & Funny News where you can be inspired and take a moment to laugh at ourselves.

Our model of business is one that is fundamentally different than classic applicant tracking systems where your resume disappears never to be read again. We believe that employers hire people, not resumes. And we believe that through advances in software, we help people and employers find their perfect match.

Our Top Five List of the Day

According to U.S. News:

When it comes to creating a list of favorite things to do, rest assured that interviewing (and maybe negotiating to buy a car) has never made the list. However, few things have as much impact on your career options as your ability to interview well. Like it or not, acing the interview is a must if you want to get hired. Here are five tips for interview success:

  1. Show up in the office five minutes before your appointment time.
  2. Do not, under any circumstances, bring a coffee beverage to the interview.
  3. Look great.
  4. Arrive prepared.
  5. Have a conversation.
  • 250 Resumes

    An average of 250 resumes are received for each corporate position in the industry.

  • 1000 People

    1000 People see a job post. 200 apply. 100 complete the application. 75 are screened by recruiters or hiring managers. 4-6 are interviewed. 1-3 might be offered second interview and then 1 is chosen for the job.

  • 6 Seconds of a Resume

    Recruiters see on average 6 seconds of your resume.

Funny moments on video

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